Project Title

Swift Island Developer Conference


Swift Island is an all-inclusive experimental conference for developers of the Apple ecosystem. It is hosted on the island of Texel in the Netherlands.

Together with my good friend Niels we crafted a conference experience on an actual island. We concepted and created all the goodies that come along with a good conference. We designed and created t-shirts, pins, stickers and even an real plexiglass award for one of the attendees. We had our own flag waving on the campsite. It was amazing. We build the website, did the copywriting, and organized everything from start to finish.

In 2019 we won the Swift Community Award for best developer conference in the world. Something we a superproud of!

Winner: Swift Island. As one of the new breed of mentor-driven camp events, Swift Island has built itself a reputation for fun, friendship, and lots of hands-on coding.


Sketch, HTML, CSS, Copywriting, Twitter

Agency / Client

Swift Island


2018 / 2019